Wicked Pissah Y'all
What the name of ever lovin hell oh just ax murder me now was I thinking???????????

Soooooo the kids are asleep.  I don’t normally watch scary movies at night.  

And YET…..I started watching Mama.  No matter what you think of it…..it’s still spooking me out right now.  

Did you know that if you are sitting in a chair with a detached ottoman……there is NO way to make sure you aren’t exposed…..pull the ottoman close and your feet dangle over, push it further away to save your feet and your thighs and calves are exposed……..what I am saying to you is……I am vulnerable to the evil that is lurking under my chair and it’s going to eat my feet, thighs or calves off.

It was nice knowing ya.  

My guns are loaded……and I know how to shoot.

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