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He won’t wear the stupid CPap machine….

The breathright type strips don’t do ANYTHING to stop him snoring.  He sleeps on his side so the tennis ball thing didn’t work.  We tried the snore spray and pills….they only help slightly…..long enough for me to get to sleep but then he still wakes me up a few hours later.

He went to the Doctor and an ENT Doctor and had the sleep study done and they recommended the machine or surgery.  He won’t wear the CPap because he says it looks difficult to sleep in and it would interfere with our sex life.  So he was supposed to schedule the surgery……THREE YEARS AGO.

I say me being tired all the time, sleeping on the sofa and being filled with exhaustion induced murderous rage is what really interferes with our sex life.

I’m thinking the Pillow and Duct Tape idea might be the easiest solution….because if Duct tape him to the bed and beat him with a baseball bat until he stops snoring he will probably be dead and then I might have to get a job and then I would get lonely and horny and have to start dating again and I don’t want to be the over weight 40 year old widow with two kids who killed her husband…..plus I’ve been with him 18 years now and at least 15 of those I haven’t been in the dating pool…..(that’s a joke)  

But if I do murderize him and go to prison….I’ve been promised Mandingo Lovin Conjugal visits and all the lesbian sex I want.

thekiltedginger replied to your post: Free blowjobs for life……

He needs a breathing mask for sleep apnea

nikefan45 replied to your postFree blowjobs for life……

Pillow + Ducktape 8)

agoodjake replied to your postFree blowjobs for life……

C Papp machine and tell him to go see the ear nose and throat doctor get a sleep study! Get the surgery best present I gave my wife in years.

thelushesliaison replied to your postFree blowjobs for life……

Sew a tennis ball into the back of his shirt

esserre1 replied to your postFree blowjobs for life……

Try with this m.breatheright.com Can I have my award now?

sometimesshespeaks replied to your postFree blowjobs for life……

I feel your pain :(
  1. theymightbeclippy said: It “LOOKS DIFFICULT”? The sleep center where we went has you come for a 2nd overnight visit to try out the different kinds of masks. It takes about 2 weeks to get used to it, and then you wonder how you ever went without it.Can’t sleep here without 1
  2. lalalee said: I hear you. My boyfriend has been snoring so bad lately, so I’ve been sleeping on the couch a lot. Now, he’s giving me guilt trips because he misses sleeping next to me. “Yeah!?! I miss fucking sleeping!!”
  3. finallychelle said: Lesbian sex is better than you might imagine— but women snore, too, so you might as well just fix the one you’ve got. Annie snores and I’m a light sleeper— so I feel your pain…!
  4. nikefan45 said: So that means I win right? Woot!!!
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